Building the foundation for
a sustainable and resilient
supply chain

About QuayChain

By implementing secure private LTE/5G wireless networks, QuayChain addresses the supply chain’s connectivity issues in multimodal locations. We then deploy QuayChain Edge Devices (QED) across the private LTE/5G network utilizing machine learning, artificial intelligence and edge computing to identify transportation equipment and process relevant supply chain data as the equipment passes by.

Like this…

Our AI then optimizes the captured data for our customers. Pretty cool, right? We think so.

QuayChain’s secure, user friendly platform offers its subscribers real-time, trusted, visually verifiable data, empowering customers to:​

Access specific key events and milestone reports and associated moves, including visual verification

See accurate equipment and associated equipment moves and events with information such as numbers, size, images, dates, times, location etc.

Be able to easily share all or limited information to key stakeholders, track viewing and revoke permissions in one place

Provide historical data for audit purposes

Understand traffic volume and optimize timing in these locations

Acquire true data for building and expanding ESG initiatives

Enabling connectivity via private LTE/5G is at the foundation of QuayChain’s solution and is a major step toward filling the supply chain’s data black holes.

An intelligent, resilient and sustainable supply chain is good for everyone.

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The ability to capture in real time the movement and location of a container by its number is the cherry on top of the logistics planning sundae.

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