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  • July 30, 2023
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QuayChain’s Collaboration with Betacom Private 5G Ecosystem

In April 2023, private wireless pioneer Betacom unveiled the Betacom Private 5G Ecosystem. It brings together leading technology companies to accelerate Industry 4.0 initiatives powered by private 4G/5G wireless networks. 

QuayChain Collaborates with Betacom to Expand Private 5G Ecosystem

Betacom and its partners, including Google Cloud, Intel, Ingram Micro Inc. and Qualcomm Technologies are collaborating to design, validate, and deploy solutions for a variety of enterprise applications. 

This sets the stage for the next phase of economic and business evolution—one driven by:

  • Connectivity
  • Automation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Real-time data

Private wireless networks gaining momentum

Private wireless networks are gaining momentum as the backbone for many industrial automation and IoT deployments. This is especially true in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing/logistic sectors. 

The partner initiative aims to expedite solutions by fostering open collaboration. It focuses on building an ecosystem of pre-tested Industrial IoT devices and applications, integrated with mobile edge compute, supported by established system integrators, and powered by private 5G.

Technology leaders

The ecosystem currently includes 15 leaders from across the technology spectrum – each with unique domain and industry expertise.  Charter members include:

  • Industrial IoT Solutions: ADB SAFEGATE Americas, Axis Communications, Evolon, Ingram Micro Inc., Qualcomm Technologies, Solis Energy, SVT Robotics, and Vecna Robotics
  • Mobile Edge Compute: Google Cloud, Ingram Micro Inc., and Intel
  • System Integrators: CDW, Ingram Micro Inc., and QuayChain
  • 5GaaS Technology: Airspan, Druid Software, FibroLAN, Intel, and Qualcomm Technologies

Betacom Private 5G Ecosystem

The Betacom Private 5G Ecosystem will provide opportunities for joint technology development and validation, sales incentives, tools, training, and joint go-to-market initiatives. 

Partners also will have access to: 

  • Betacom’s innovation showcases at MxD
  • The national Digital Manufacturing and Cybersecurity Institute based in Chicago
  • Teltech Group, a nationally recognized leader in logistics/supply chain services, asset management, and technology solutions based in Dallas

Betacom 5G as a Service (5GaaS), the industry’s first fully-managed, end-to-end private wireless service, gives U.S. enterprises access to their own cost-effective, high-performance and lightning-fast 4G/5G networks. 

It also offers network management delivered from Betacom’s cloud-based Security and Service Operations Center (SSOC) built on Zero Trust design principles. 

The company has a long and successful history of building wireless infrastructure for mid-to-large enterprises. It also offers the necessary expertise to meet the private wireless needs of the manufacturing, transportation and warehousing sectors.

Ecosystem deployments underway At MxD 

Betacom has deployed both 4G and 5G private networks. It is working with Google Cloud and Ingram Micro, Inc. to test and showcase automation and security technologies to help modernize U.S. manufacturing.

Berardino Barrata, the CEO of MxD explains:

“5G is an enabling technology that will unlock potential for manufacturers to be more efficient and competitive – which is core to MxD’s mission. With Betacom testing, documenting best practices, and securing 4G and 5G networks on MxD’s factory floor, it will answer many questions for manufacturers looking to implement these technologies and offer exceptional options.”

Telltech warehouse operations automation

Teltech is running Betacom 5GaaS to automate its warehousing operations. 

They are deploying robots, drones, and automated forklifts using equipment from ecosystem members. These ecosystem members include Axis Communications, Evolon, and Qualcomm Technologies products. 

Betacom was able to design, install and integrate the network in a matter of weeks in partnership with Teltech.

According to Teltech Group CEO Lisa Hanlon, “Over the years, Teltech’s collaboration with partners has resulted in the development and deployment of many innovative solutions that positively impact our customers. This ecosystem of partner companies Betacom has assembled is exciting as we unlock the full potential that 5G technologies offer now and in the future.”

Johan Bjorklund, CEO of Betacom adds: “Building a partner ecosystem is exactly what’s needed to further accelerate the transition to Industry 4.0. This movement will enable businesses to tap into advanced solutions that can deliver high performance and low latency at the edge to support IIoT initiatives. This is really an unbeatable combination for our partners and their customers, especially those with aggressive plans in this space.”

About Betacom

Betacom offers the first fully-managed private 5G network, building on its long history as a wireless infrastructure provider to AT&T, T Mobile, and Verizon. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, the company has regional offices throughout the country. 

Having completed more than 800 large-scale design and deployment projects, Betacom inspires confidence among their customers who have worked closely with them to meet their pressing high-performance connectivity needs. Its private 5G wireless service is the first managed service of its kind in the United States. 

For more information, visit http://www.betacom.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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